The phenomenal visions of Michael Carini are born from the deepest levels of consciousness, reflecting a rarefied intelligence and deep understanding of the human psyche. His singular and distinctive style incorporates a kaleidoscopic play of color that is at once dreamlike and meditative. This is an artist whose every brushstroke is discriminate and tasteful, a man with an eye for meticulous attention to detail, texture, and inclusions. For viewers who long to be challenged, these paintings are extraordinarily evocative. Those who are just beginning their journey into experiencing art, will find equal pleasure and satisfaction in the contemplation of the pure inherent beauty of his works. Delve into the world of Michael Carini’s art without hesitation and enter into a realm of infinite possibilities.

Mona Fischer (Owner – Boutique Amplification Company, NM/NJ)


I just received  two paintings from Michael and I can tell you that they are just as stunning as I knew they would be. If you have the opportunity to own any of his artwork, please do so. You will not regret it. You can feel the emotion in the work. It is just a wonderful investment to make.

Betty Black Henehan (Credit Analyst, MD)


Michael Carini is an amazing artist who’s unique style cannot be found anywhere else. Art should make you feel something. Or bring something out in you. Carini’s art does just that. His unique style combined with gorgeous colors and textures draws you in. His art causes a visceral reaction. I have his art displayed in San Francisco, both in my home, and at a children’s hospital where I work. Every person who encounters his art is moved by it, and spends time viewing it. I have had art shipped as well and it always arrives in pristine condition. I cannot recommend this artist highly enough.

Dawn Deines (Neurodiagnostic Supervisor UCSF, CA)


Michael Carini gets joy from sharing his art. His paintings are beautiful, thought-provoking, affordable, and a pleasure to share with friends. As someone who owns a few pieces, I appreciate the care he takes in assuring their safe arrival to my Midwestern home. They are sent through a special shipping service, securely packaged and easily tracked during their cross-country progress. Offering convenient payment methods, Carini keeps in constant communication as further proof of his concern that I am completely satisfied. An astonishingly short time passes from purchasing a work to hanging it in my home. I appreciate both the professional and artistic integrity that IS Michael Carini and look forward with great anticipation to finding and buying another special piece that speaks to my soul.

Cheryl Reese Blevens (Associate Reference Instruction Librarian, IN)


I have the pleasure of owning two of Michael’s art pieces from his “Boy In The Box” series. The pictures on his website, while beautiful, do not due his art justice. They are absolutely stunning in person. I was recently at a showing of his art work and was blown away at the detail, as well as the story behind every piece. Michael goes out of his way to work with you if you are truly interested in owning his artwork. I’ve never met anyone like him ever. It would be worth your investment dollars to purchase one or several of his art pieces. You will not regret it!!

Michele S. Black (Reporter, CA)


I have had the wonderful opportunity recently to purchase several of Michael’s pieces. He exceeds expectations! Not only is he an extraordinary artist but he takes the time to make sure his buyers are comfortable and well taken care of. My ultimate goal is to own an original piece! His unique art with brilliant colors tells a story that you will want to read over and over again! I will be a lifelong patron, and look forward to my next purchase!

Tina Powers (Special Education Teacher, TN)


Michael Carini is one of the most phenomenal artists I have had the pleasure of meeting and doing business with. You feel the passion when viewing his work. I have purchased a set of three original canvas paintings. Seeing these paintings in person took my breath away! They glowed and exuded his soul; true masterpieces. Photos of his work do not do them justice. If the photos draw you in, wait until you see them in person. They are exquisite! I look forward to purchasing more of Michael’s work.

Diane Thomason (Assistant Professor, NV)


I first saw Michael Carini’s work on Facebook and then on his website.  I was very impressed.  I love his use of colors and textures.  My husband is a ceramic artist and also does some painting, so he knows a lot about art.  We have never agreed on art styles before, but I have always deferred to him because I am not very knowledgeable about art.  When I showed him Michael’s website for the first time, we both loved his work.  In February I was able to go with some friends to see his work in person and choose my first piece for my husband’s Birthday. It was a reproduction on canvas and it’s gorgeous.  Michael takes the time to explain his thoughts behind each piece; they all have a story.  I now also have 3 of his Beautiful Accidents, which I love.  Michael is one of the nicest guys I know and I love being able to own art pieces from a real up-and-coming young artist with such amazing talent.  He has art that will appeal to everyone and will fit in with any décor. I hope to own many more pieces of his work in the future.

Nancy Morrissey (Healthcare IT Consultant, CA)







2 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. My daughter met Michael several years ago and followed his work. Before Christmas, she saw a painting she loved, and I quickly contacted him and ordered a commission of that piece. He was incredibly kind, supportive, and helpful, patiently answering my many questions. He even did the painting on a live presentation, so she has the ability to watch him make his magic. It was due on Dec 11, but with recent mail delays, several weeks passed and it didn’t arrive. Michael stayed in touch and was also quite concerned about the delay, which i very much appreciated. It finally did arrive, not only with the beautiful painting, but a number of “goodies” along with it, a lovely surprise! I highly recommend his artwork and his care and support to make sure his customers are satisfied. Although we’ve never met, I experienced him as not only a talented artist, but a kind, decent, and caring person, and I highly recommend him.

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